JARDEN #HAP9423-UA Air Purifier

JARDEN #HAP9423-UA Air Purifier

Bothered by particles that pollute and contaminate the air we breathe, the cause of allergies and other respiratory concerns? The exposures to these pollutants are here to stay and can’t be avoided. JARDEN #HAP9423-UA Air Purifier gives your healthy life. Your worry is over, a good air purifier with ionizer is all that you need to have in your homes that can reduce or eliminate airborne particles detrimental to health.

JARDEN #HAP9423-UA Air Purifier has following aspects

JARDEN #HAP9423-UA air purifier is the solution. It is a Hepa-filter type ionizer infused with Arms & Hammer® baking soda, carbon and zeolite to control odor better and compatible with all Aer1® Filters. Incorporated in the unit is an advanced technology for eliminating dust, an optional ionizer that aids in the purification of air. It removes 99.97% of pollen, dust, mold, dander and effectively removes up to 99% of smoke. Pollutants from the air stream as small as 0.3 microns. Protected by a 3-Year Limited Warranty.


JARDEN #HAP9423 is ideal for those suffering from allergy and also ideal while for reducing smoke and odors from smoke.  To get optimum results; the unit should be continuously operated by turning the Speed Control Switch on the medium setting, low for less noise operation and high to quickly filter the air in the room. When the ionizer button is selected to ON, it is lit in blue.

JARDEN #HAP9423-UA Air Purifier has following beneficial aspects

  • Very good for reducing dust
  • Ideal for removing pollen, dust, molds and animal danders
  • Its durable motor has been designed to give many years of use
  • Externally, the air purifier can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and while the internal filter chamber of the air purifier therefore it can be cleaned by a dry, soft cloth.
  • Cleaning the air inlet grill is easy using only warm soapy water. While the filtered air outlet can be cleaned by using a small, pliable brush.

JARDEN #HAP9423-UA Air Purifier has following bad effects

  • Can only be used in a room temperature, 40° F – 110° F
  • Can not be used outdoors while JARDEN #HAP9423-UA Air Purifier is not for garden

The ionizer will work only if the unit rather it is already working and cannot be used in areas that are not ventilated