Surround Air XJ-3100A Air Purifier

Surround Air XJ3100A Air Purifier

Do you have a very serious concern about outdoor quality air index over 100 day and night brought by air pollution and contaminants due to windows not properly sealed and? Are you bothered by molds, pollen, dust inside the house and office?

Surround Air XJ-3100A Air Purifier has following aspects

Surround Air XJ-3100A Air Purifier is well recommended. It is a 3 HEPA Air Purifier with Carbon Filter, UV Filter that aids create safer, healthier air. Powered by 120 volts, 55 watt motor that can purify a wide area of 600 square feet. It measures 19 x 15.75 x 6.5, light-weight at 12 Lbs. With a germicidal UV lamp that does not need replacement, HEPA filter, ionizer and photocatalytic oxidation filter which effectively reduces chemicals, bacteria and odors, improved air quality can immediately be expected. 3 Years warranty.


Beneficial aspects of Surround Air XJ-3100A Air Purifier is under shown

  • On high setting, has a strong breeze coming out of the unit and works well in a bedroom less than 150 square feet.
  • HEPA filter that can be cleaned reduces replacement cost
  • Powerful fan with 180 cubic feet per minute maintains most quiet operation increases air filtration by maximizing the number of air exchanges
  • An energy saver, uses a mere 55 watts of power on the highest setting
  • Great for removing and clearing allergens, dust particles, smoke, bacteria, mites, dust, pollen, mold, odors, and other air pollutants.
  • Ease of use and in maintenance of Surround Air XJ-3100A Air Purifier.
  • It stays in the quiet as automatic setting and has provision for air quality meters that changes after several hours of use of Surround Air XJ-3100A Air Purifier.
  • Air purification passes 5 stages using UV lamp, ionizer, activated carbon for cleaner air
  • Built-in gauge that monitors the filter when it is due for replacement
  • The ultraviolet rays radiated destroy the microorganisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi.


  • Moderately Loud on lower setting but pollution level is less reduced
  • It’s not as useful in a room more than 600 sq. feet
  • Need to clean the filter often because it traps dirt quickly