Winix 5000 Air Purifier Reviews

Winix 5000 Air Purifier Reviews

Winix 5000 Air Purifier are as follow with aspects of benefits

Annoyed by odors, clouds of dust, molds, smoke and airborne impurities that cause respiratory concerns? Unpleasant new furniture smell, pet danders and dust allergies? If you are searching for an air cleaner for bedrooms and offices that is effective, quiet and can remove odors or gas try to give Winix 5000 Air Purifier a shot.

Winix 5000 is a True-HEPA type air cleaner that has a filter that is 99.99% efficient is capturing airborne particles and impurities hazardous to the respiratory system. It includes technologies such as PlasmaWave, an anti-bacterial true-HEPA pre-filter as small as .3 microns which snaps out for washing; a Nano-Silver mesh coated with silver particles one billionth of a meter in mass, thus damaging the cell walls of bacteria which captures and creates hydroxyl radicals, strong oxidizers and destroys airborne microorganisms and volatile organic chemicals. 1 year warranty is guaranteed.

Winix 5000 Air Purifier Reviews has following aspects of benefits

Equipped with an innovative light sensor, it sets Winix 5000 into sleep mode, making dim the control panel lights when the room is dark. When to replace a filter is no hassle because Winix also features a filter change reminder lamp and a timer rather than a true pressure sensor. There are 5 settings; it is quiet at its 2 lowest levels, little noise is audible the middle setting. Not to forget the intelligent PlasmaWave 5000 digital dust which raise and lower the low-voltage fan through 5 speeds when auto mode is selected.


  • Winix Plasma generates charged ions that become hydroxyl radical oxidizers when it detects presence of water vapor
  • Activated carbon filter reduces odors, smoke and chemical vapors
  • Replacing of filter is trouble-free
  • Sharp Plasmaclusters proven effective at removing common household odors .
  • Cost-efficient washable carbon filters
  • Timer that has multiple functions and programmable remote


  • Inadequacy of sensitivity to dust
  • On higher setting mode it is quite noisy
  • Cost of replaceable filters is expensive

Emits a ticking sound, a light pinging noise of hot metal contracting